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Cattle Rail Galvanised


Our Australian-made oval rail, also known as stock rail, is an oval shaped pipe section which is manufactured using conventional pipe sections as a basis and roller flattened parallel sides and is a safe and economical solution for managing and protecting livestock.

Oval rail or stock rail has a gradual or ‘softer’ flat-to-curve transition in its wider shape and is designed to reduce bruising or injury to livestock.

Features And Benefits Of Oval Rail

  • Coated in DuraGal Plus for superior corrosion protection

  • Safe solution

  • Smooth even surface finish

  • Smooth, extended edges reduce risk of bruising and injury to livestock

  • Lightweight, easy to handle and transport

  • Minimal weld spatter or fumes

Relevant Standards

  • AS/NZS 1450: Steel tubes for mechanical purposes

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